Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hey Pesto I'm sick again

So yesterday i had this great idea to make a pesto stuffed chicken breast with a white wine and orange sauce. first to prepare the pesto. I thought i might do something a bit different and instead of pine nuts i was going to use cashews instead. So first i googled to see if basil and cashews go together. Thankfully i found a whole heap of recipes that had basil and cashew together so i thought good stuff will go with that then. So into the blender went fresh basil leaves about a cup or so then half a cup of unsalted cashews and two loves of garlic. Whilst this was blending away i slowly added the olive oil and a little bit of butter to add some creaminess to the flavour. Once i had done this i started on cutting pockets into my chicken breast. My first breast i had grabbed was quite small so the cutting part was no problem it was the not going all the way through that was my issue.Who cares if i go all the way through, I'll just have to wrap this one a little tighter with the prosciutto.

 After mangling the breast to resemble pockets for me to stuff them with my neck starts to get a little tight, my arms start to ache a little. I begin to spoon the mixture in to the breasts, once in i fold over the flap of skin to join it back up. After laying out 3 strips of overlapping prosciutto i roll the stuffed breast to hold them together. I then start to feel like the pan is really heavy, and I'm getting a bit of a headache. Where is this coming from, i thought, I'm really not feeling great, i can't be sick i was sick just last week and now I'm better..... I AM NOT GETTING SICK. Into the fry pan they go just to seal both sides, just for a few minutes then into the oven on a lined baking tray for about 25 min on 195 degrees. While that's cooking i thought i would attempt a white wine jous to drizzle over the chicken i thought i would de glaze the fry pan with some white wine i had in the fridge left over from a recent dinner party. Then i would add some orange rind and some butter to caramelize the flavours. By this stage i was freezing and my body ached all over. My wonderful husband had just arrived home to find a pale achy sick wife standing at the stop stirring the amazing sauce for his dinner. OK so amazing is definitely not the word to describe this sauce, vile, yes vile that's the word. i tasted it and the wine was sour and the butter gave it an oily texture a bit like sipping tanning lotion.

 By this time i had gone down hill so fast i could barely stand i tagged teamed my husband for him to serve his own dinner and make Ethan's dinner. I had every intention of making a side of sautéed spinisch and a bed of creamy mashed potato. By the time the chicken had finished cooking i was a shivering ball curled up on the couch under a quilt. The good news is that even though the sauce was a failure the chicken was a success. My husband said it was lovely and juicy and had lots of flavour. Maybe next time I'll get to try some. So it's off to bed for me to get some rest.

Until next time....

Talk soon Dez

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