Monday, 4 July 2011

My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog.

I can't say that i really know how to blog, or even what to say for that matter , but i know how to to talk so i'm just gonna do that. Recently i have gone from full time to part time and now i have 2 extra days to do what ever i like. so i figure what better to write about then what i will be doing with those days.

The very first thing i'm going to do is start learning different cooking techniques, and learning about different foods, I have taken a great interests of late in Indian food. I've always liked Indian food but had never tried to make it, so i'm checking out different recipes online and giving them a go.

To start my Indian journey i went to spice market and bought all types of spices. Did you know that Indian food uses BLACK salt? i didn't , so i now i have black salt and eager to use it, don't know what in yet but when i do i'll let you know,

Now being that i am of Italian heritage i decided it's time to use be inbuilt skills and cook Italian food as well.

My first attempt was to make home made pasta and sauce. Lidia (the nice old lady on the food channel) did it with such ease so i thought "i could do that". Side note, i don't have the magic of television in my kitchen, my dough came out a lot stickier then hers and i also didn't have a pasta machine like her either, in fact i didn't even have a rolling pin (i swear i had one, it's just disappeared, but by the time i had realised i was rolling pin-less i had already made the dough.).So rolling pin-less i carried on and used a glass bottle instead. after rolling the dough into sheets i rolled it up into tubes and cut my pasta into strips, trying to keep them all the same size.
This, i must say does take some practice, but once i got the hang of it i was off.
Afterwards i layed the pasta out to dry a little and set to work on my sauce, now the two most important ingrediants in the sauce are love and time (no not thyme like the herb) time to simmer almost 2hrs is perfect, and love, well that's just for the people your making your food for.

So i know your all dying to know how it turned out, well i'm pleased to report not only was it not a total failure, but one critic said that it was possibly the best fresh pasta she had ever eaten and the sauce was amazing. Yay

Well that's all from me for this Tuesday, I'm off to attempt a beef curry recipe i found online, fingers crossed it turns out as good as it looks in the picture.

Talk soon

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  1. Yay, I'm glad your pasta turned out well in the end.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, this is an awesome first post!!