Monday, 11 July 2011

Squeeze every minute

So i said i would also talk about all the things i would do on my 2 extra days. I recently got a message from on old colleague of mine to say that she had 5 bags of clothes that didn't fit her son any more (all of these are designer labels and have only ever been worn once of twice), and that if i wanted them i had to come and pick them up in the next few days. She mentioned that she was having a mothers group meeting around her house on Monday and said that i should bring Ethan along.

Now i know that i have a couple of friends with babies and we make play dates and i love it but this was different, First of all i had never been to her house before and second i didn't know any of the other mothers. Having known this lady for a few years on my drive over i had time to imagine what type of house she lived in, My first thought was that she was a shrewd business women so i imagined glass coffee tables and art deco minimalist furnature. i had thought of almost a sterile environment, where children were to be seen and not heard. Then i thought no, come on she has a 3yr old and her husband is quite flamboyant and fun, so then i pictured a "Richie Rich"type house with a roller coaster in the back yard and their own Macdonalds. What i found was a beautiful modern earthy house with browns and creams and greens, open plan sprawling back deck for entertaining and lots of little toys on the carpet. Her house was justl like a display home of what my house could one day look like.

The other mothers were lovely my friend had made raspberry tartlets with cream and little tea sandwiches with cups of freshly brewed coffee, We swapped stories of teething, poohing and our kids mischievousness. Only sometimes did Ethan disappear to rooms that were not for kids, and only some times did i have to stop him from knocking over expensive vases and pulling bottles of wine out of wine racks. All in all it was a great day, Ethan had fun and I got to relax and enjoy some adult company and good conversation.

Talk soon

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