Monday, 11 July 2011

Squeeze Every Minute Part 2

When I've had days off in the past I've always tried to get a whole heap of things done in the one day. If i was going to a certain part of town i would arrange times through out the day to see as many people as i could to squeeze ever minute out of my day, yesterday was no different.

After my first morning as an honorary mothers group member, we headed up to our local play centre to meet with another one of my friends. My son hadn't had a nap and i wasn't sure how long he would last but i thought we'd give it a go and see. After getting there and finding the very last spot down the end of the car park (did i mention that it was the last day of the school holidays and ever parent and their child had come to play too) we went inside to try to find my friend. The noise was deafening and the chaos was almost frightening, the children were screaming with joy, delight and couple in pain. Some were crying because mummy had an appointment and  they had to go, others were crying because "he took my glasses and ran away with them and i couldn't see". some were better at sharing then others and some just needed an afternoon nap. There were kids that had, had great adventures and "just went down the slide really fast and it was so much fun oh my god I'm gonna go again.. bye"

Amongst this chaos was my friend and her two girls, my how they had grown. one had grown into a beautiful young lady and the other was no longer a baby any more. The greeted us with big smiles and cuddles and wanted to hold Ethan and play with him straight away. Now most babies would be a little wary of people he hardly knew but not Ethan he loves free hugs.

 I sat down and snacked on a plate of hot chips that my friend had ordered, Ethan helped himself of course. He would pick up a chip and judge whether or not he could fit it all in to his mouth at once then he would shove it all i and see if he was right. very cute! Later some other mothers joined us and went to order their food, only to come back somewhat shocked. "they have no more chips"one of the mother said, I'm sure they'll just run down to the super market and get some won't they"?. Now mind you this happened at about 12:15. right on lunch time with about 150 children ready to have lunch. Long story short they never went to get any more chips instead they made a sign to put on the counter and watched the customers walk away in disbelief, so i went with a hot dog lol

Before my lunch came i thought i might try Ethan in the jumpy castle thing, why not he loves jumping on the couch, in his cot, and on my bed, why not in a device especially designed for jumping. No he did not like the device especially designed for jumping in fact he hated it and couldn't crawl off it fast enough, lucky i was close by to catch him as he came flopping out. Then i thought "hey ball pit! i loved the ball pit when i was a kid, in ya go ethan whoop"so i passed him in like football. In an instant fear washed over his face, when he realises where he is, his eyes dart from corner to corner of the pit frantically looking for a way out, in the mean time sinking in an endless sea of brightly coloured balls. I dive in straight away to scoop him out only to loose him in the after wake of me diving in. i finally grab him and he holds on tight, then tries to climb over my shoulder on to me head to get as far away from the balls as he can. We emerge from the pit o hell safe and sound, i hold him tightly to let him know that i am here and that your mean mummy will never do that again"". To make up for it i give him a kiss and biscuit and he's all better big smiles and a sloppy crumby kiss to say i forgive you. time to go home i say, so i say goodbye and pop him in the car before we turn the first corner he's already asleep in the safety of his car seat.

Well what a busy day we had i truly believe i did squeeze every minute out of this day. I had fun, Ethan had fun and I learnt a lesson about babies like and don't like,(memo to me no ball pit next time lol). Until next time...

Talk soon



  1. Sounds like a full on day. Was it Monkey Business that you were at?

  2. PS I like your new blog design :)

  3. Yup twas monkey business, you should have guessed by the poor customer service lol. p.s The Bloggess is hilarious